About Us

Enchanted Starlight Coven is a Traditional Gardnerian Witches Coven located in Hollywood in Broward County, Florida. We were established in October of 1999 when we hived from our Mother Coven, Starfire Flight Coven of Cooper City Florida. Our founding HP and HPS were initiated into the Craft in 1996 and 1998 respectively. We are five generations down from the original New York Coven, and six generations down from the Isle of Man Coven where our inherited Witch Lineage hails from.

We are Wiccan, Witchen, Wytchen, Witches. These words all have the same meaning and are simply the linguistic evolution of the modern word “witch”. Our spiritual beliefs and practices are based on the Old Religions of pre-Christian Europe.

Although based in Hollywood in Broward County, Florida, our Coveners have hailed from all over Broward, Palm Beach, and Dade counties, and even the Keys. Our membership is comprised of dedicated, magically inclined adults of all ages and backgrounds.

Everyone has the right to participate in the Old Religion if they wish to do so. Joining a coven is not necessary to worship the Old Gods. However Initiation into the Wica is entering into a Priesthood of the Old Religion, and into the service of our Goddess and Her Consort.

The Wiccan Path is not for everyone. Traditional Wiccecraeft is an oath bound, experiential, Mystical Tradition that was never meant for the masses. We have no wish to convert others and only have a web presence to be accessible to those unique individuals who were born to walk this Path, but have yet to find their way Home.

We thank you for visiting our humble site.

“….and as the witches say to each other – Blessed Be!”