Outer Court

We are currently closed to new members.

We are however, interviewing applicants for a new Grove/Outer Court scheduled to begin after Feb. Eve 2019. Applicants must have a desire to learn Traditional Gardnerian Craft. No others will be considered.

A coven is a close knit spiritual and magical family and new members must resonate with the égrégore of the Coven, the Craft, and have the necessary desire and dedication it takes to join a mystical tradition. We do not initiate people into the Craft who are not known to us personally. For this reason newcomers are required to complete a probationary period of study and preparation in our Grove/Outer Court for the typical period of a year and a day before Initiation is considered.

The Grove/Outer Court is essentially a coven of both non-initiated and initiated participants under the tutelage of Coven Elders. Members are expected to attend meetings twice a month, and complete personal exercises and study assignments at home. Attendance is crucial and speaks for the quality of one’s commitment.

There are no fees, dues, or donations although volunteering to bring some cakes, wine, or flowers for rites is always appreciated. All are responsible for their own personal ritual items.

The decision whether or not to offer Initiation upon completion of the Grove/Outer Court is solely that of the High Priestess and High Priest of the Coven, in consultation with the Elders of the Coven, and is based on Intuition as much as logic.

The application process includes phone and personal interviews. To apply first read our prerequisites below:

 •  At least 21 years of age. We have made special allowances in the past for 18 – 20 year old seekers on a case to case basis. We are an adult coven with members ranging in age from 30’s to 60’s.

•  Interested in a polytheistic, erotic, mystery religion that fosters direct contact with the Gods.

•  Able to attend local meetings twice monthly at the appointed times.

•  Not diagnosed with any emotional or psychological disorders or under medication for such disorders at this time.

•  Not addicted to alcohol or drugs.

•  Not involved in a divorce, lawsuit, or other major life trauma at this time.

•  Are honest, trustworthy, and reliable.

•  Have no issues with working closely with people of different backgrounds or sexual orientation.

•  Have a personal residence i.e., house, apartment, condo, houseboat, etc.

•  Have a means of personal transportation (buses are not an option), and a telephone.

•  Have an intense desire to become a close knit member of a traditional, working, religio-magickal group with a proud lineage.

•  Feel a Calling to the Lady of the Moon.

If you meet the prerequisites the next step is to email a detailed Letter of Introduction using the contact form below. Please include your name, age, area of residence, any experience you may have, areas of interest, and any other information that you would like to include about yourself or your spiritual path.

Maiden Coven Inquiry

“The Circle is a symbol of the Moon, the Sun, the Earth, and the Universe; of wholeness, perfection and peace. The Circle is considered to be the most perfect symbol. It has no beginning and no ending. It represents both continuity and stability. We are all reflections of and in this Circle.”

~ Coven Archives