Welcome to your Self Evaluation Questions

1. What are the Working Tools of the Wica?
2. What is a "P Wand"?
3. The 1st Degree Initiation is a symbolic __________.
4. Trace the etymology from oldest to newest.

What year was the original New York Coven established?

6. What are the basic parts of every Gardnerian Rite?
7. What is the proper name for our line or branch of the Wica?
8. Who were the first American HPS and HP of the New York Coven?
9. "These are usually evil, it is unlucky to have dealings with them, and the goddess is sweet and kind and would not like it" refers to who or what?
10. Who are the Mighty Ones according to GBG?
11. What does the Circle represent in Witchcraft?

How would you warn a Brother or Sister of the Art that a cowan is present?

13. What are the 4 major Festivals of the Wica?
14. What is the name of the dance traditionally performed at May Eve and August Eve?
15. What does "Properly Prepared" mean?
16. Why is the HPS positioned to the right of the HP when standing in front of the altar during the rites?
17. Why is the HP positioned to the left of the HPS?

The traditional symbol of rank for the HPS is:


The traditional symbol of rank for the HP is:


The traditional symbol of rank for a WQ is:

21. What is the Triad of the Goddess as described by GBG?
22. Why did Gardner reportedly spell Wica with one "c"?
23. Does it matter which hand is used to touch the Working Tools of the Craft that are placed upon the Altar?
24. What are the correct or required colours for altar and quarter candles?
25. Blindfold and binding is a symbolic _____.
26. Deosil is apparently a misspelling of unknown origin as "deos" isn't an old Gaelic word but "deas" is old Irish Gaelic. So it may be that the word was originally deasil and pronounced "jeshul" or "jessul". In any event it means:
27. The opposite of deosil/deasil is:
29. The 8-Fold Path is:
30. Recule means:

To retire.

To rebuke.

A person who lives in voluntary seclusion from the public and society.

31. Which is NOT a legitimate line of the Wica?




Silver Crescent

Black Forest

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